Desk, Business analysis team workI started working in a leading software company in its industry in 2016. With the effect of analytical thinking, I quickly became a business analyst. Cause of my programming base, I quickly adapted to my work and develop. On the one hand, I continue to review new business analysis processes. I am constantly working to improve both myself and my job. By directly communicating with customers, analyzing their needs in the best way; I focus on providing the most suitable solutions. I am always moving forward by asking myself, how can I best develop the projects I work with? In addition to the user experience, I pay attention to the design of the systems in the best way to meet every suitable need. A few of the main principles and features of I adopted in business analysis:

  • Customer oriented
  • Open to change and develop
  • Effective communication
  • Concerning user experience
  • Agile and Waterfall development processes

Laptop screen analysisI have completed many studies including the software needs of the industries, including banks, and integration efforts with public institutions. I had the opportunity to work on software / module requests in different positions from different sectors. With each new project I worked on, I gained experiences that would further expand my perspective. I also worked on adapting existing modules for general use and performance.

  • Document Management
  • Change Management
  • Form Management
  • Audit Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Improving CAP Management
  • Data Transfers
  • Encryption of the Database
  • Integration with Ministry
  • Tubitak Approved E-signature Module
  • Reporting Performance Improvement
  • Performance Improvement of Integrations


Team project meetingI managed the transition of using existing software and modules with corporate companies. I took part in determining the target users of the modules with the test and the transition to live. Also, preparing the training plans of the users; I gave training. Within the scope of the transition, I ensured that the priority modules were determined in the software and that the transition to live was done by dividing it into phases when necessary. In the process, while determining the needs of the customer for the coverage and suitability of the software; I directed alternative use scenarios and the development of existing modules or new modules they need. I also took part in the company's ISO27001 information security management processes. Briefly in project management:

  • Determining the project stages
  • Management of using of software preparation
  • Determination of customer needs
  • Software usage project management
  • Training users


Agile/Scrum Adobe Xd/Lunacy Portal(Jira vb.)
Waterfall UML( Analytical Thinking
Effective Communication Team Work Crisis Management
Adaptation Continuous Development MS Project
UI/UX IT Support Office Software (Good)